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DPO Session #21 – Navigating a Cookieless Future: Web Analytics and Tracking with and without Consent, a discussion with Peter Hense

  /  DPO Session #21 – Navigating a Cookieless Future: Web Analytics and Tracking with and without Consent, a discussion with Peter Hense


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13 Jun

DPO Session #21 – Navigating a Cookieless Future: Web Analytics and Tracking with and without Consent, a discussion with Peter Hense

13 June 2023 @ 17:00 - 18:30
gdpr implications on cookie technologies

As cookies continue to play a fundamental role in online tracking and data collection, understanding their intricacies and potential implications is crucial. It is vital for GDPR and privacy professionals to navigate this dynamic environment effectively, ensuring that organizations uphold privacy standards while leveraging cookies in a compliant manner.

Following a brief introduction of the legal framework governing cookies, namely, ePrivacy, GDPR and relevant ECJ as well as other current decisions, we will dive straight into the nitty-gritty. We will have a tech deep dive into online marketing analytics and cookie-technology in general, different types of website/app tracking and CMP design, finishing off with the most problematic (yet) common practices, such as real-time-bidding and dark patterns.

After introducing the technology behind the problem, we will examine what (lawful) options stand at the (desperate) advertiser’s/publisher’s disposal. In this context we will briefly analyze (informed) consent requirements for placing cookies in the first place. We will address legal exceptions to the necessity of consent and finally propose some alternatives that may lead to a reduction and consequently abolishment of the use of cookies and similar identifiers.

Key discussion points:

  • Starting from the bottom: ePrivacy vs GDPR
  • One small step for the user, one giant leap for the future of internet: jurisprudence and further developments
  • Handling the basics: deep dive into the world of online marketing, real-time bidding, and dark patterns
  • Into the cookieless future: Synthetic users, Data Clean Rooms, Tracking – proxies, on device ML based user segmentation via Anonymized etc.

Peter Hense - litigator @ Spirit Legal

Peter Hense - our guest for the next DPO Session

Peter Hense is a litigator at Spirit Legal, where he specializes in international IT and technology law, data protection, and privacy litigation. His areas of expertise include advertising technology, sensor data, machine learning, and accountable AI

Hosts: Roxana Guiman and Dana Ududec, founders of Privacy Learning

Dana Ududec

Dana is a privacy lawyer and a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E), with a background in banking and finance, as well as in human rights law and litigation. She manages complex data protection and e-commerce compliance programs.

Roxana Guiman - PrivacyLearning.ro

Roxana Guiman

Roxana has over 10 years of experience as a lawyer, being involved in complex projects in a variety of industries. Her solid background in the IT sector gives Roxana an applied and interdisciplinary perspective on data protection, IP and e-commerce.

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